Saturday, May 12, 2012

Introducing RankSheet Profile Credits

We would like to introduce you to another first of a kind feature from from RankSheet's list of valuable features for the recruiters. Introducing 'Profile Credit', the feature that will save you a lot of time and money in finding suitable resumes for your job openings. In a normal case, recruiters need to buy a resume search package by which they are allowed to view a limited number of profiles only. For example 200 resume views for 3000 INR (60 USD) for one day. RankSheet's Profile Credit offering is unique and adds more value to hiring. Using RankSheet's Profile Credit offering you never pay money for resume search, you only pay to view the contact details of suitable candidates. This way, you are not wasting money on unwanted resume searches and views.

Benefits of using RankSheet's Profile Credits

  • Search all the profiles on RankSheet's Resume Database.
  • No payment to view resumes. Resume search is free.
  • Search candidates from RankSheet's Merit lists. The dynamic resumes displayed in the Merit lists are all validated profiles under the specified online assessment. 
  • Add suitable candidates to your wish list and connect to them later by viewing their contact details once you buy profile credits.
  • Find rated profiles and not raw resumes like other job sites. Get validated profiles which may cut your first level of screening.
  • Purchased profiles are available from your dashboard and can be viewed any number of times and at any time.
  • Track candidates application status for FREE. For example, resume shortlisted, rejected, interviewed, offered etc.
  • Profile credit plan starts from as low as 400 INR (8 USD).

How to use RankSheet's Profile Credits

Step 1 : Login with your RankSheet Employer Account. On the dashboard, you can find your present Plan, Available Credits and the option to Buy Credits. 

Step 2 : Click Buy Credits to view the available Profile Credit plans and click 'Buy' to complete the process. As of now all of your order requests are validated manually and the same will be confirmed with you on the payment process.

Step 3 : On approval of your Profile Credits, you send the money via bank transfer, cash / cheque deposit to RankSheet's bank account etc., (We will be introducing secure online payments soon)

Step 4 : On the menu of your dashboard, you can find 'Search' under 'Profile Search'. Click 'Search' to find candidates from either Meritlists or from entire resume database. Filter profiles based on skills, experience and location to view the most suitable profiles.

Step 5 : The search results are displayed according to the RankSheet ratings. You can choose to 'Connect' in case you have enough credits to view the contact details or add the profile to your 'Wish List' to connect later when you order for credits.

Step 6 : You can track the usage of your profile credits in 'Profile Credit Usage' under Reports.

Don't Buy, Search and View profiles like other job sites. Instead Search, View and Buy!

The Team

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