Wednesday, December 5, 2012

More followers = More applications = Filled positions

Do you know how to reach passive candidates?
Do you want them to know about all your job openings?
Do you want your job openings to go viral?
Do you want to leverage social media recruiting?

RankSheet is the answer to all these questions. RankSheet can connect unlimited followers (candidates across the globe) to an employer/company Career page. An employer that has created an account on RankSheet gets a Free Career Page to showcase their company profile, website details, jobs and online assessments. An attractive, complete and informative career page gets more followers. Employers can in turn share their RankSheet career page across their social media accounts, internal employees and applicants to get more followers. Whenever jobs and assessments are posted by an employer on the RankSheet career page, the RankSheet platform automatically sends alerts to all followers of the employer's career page. Thus in turn followers can spread it across their network channels to reach passive candidates and it goes viral for the right reasons. Your company is introduced to passive candidates so employers get more applications and can close requirements on time.

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RankSheet Team