Tuesday, January 29, 2013

New features alert - configurable security, bulk reset & auto re-invite

In our quest to build a platform that is secure we have built in various features that are helpful for employers. As employers, features such as aborting assessments when browser tabs and windows are opened, allay your fears that the candidate's scores don't indicate their knowledge but rather their ability to google the answers (although that is a very good ability to have). We have had some requests from employers that want to allow candidates to be able to research as part of the assessment, akin to open book exams. In this case our built in security was more of a hindrance than a "feature" as a lot of assessments were aborted. Oops.

We have now addressed this issue and released a few new features to help employers to not only deal with aborted exams but also to conduct the assessments as they see fit. These are the features that will be explained in this post.

Configurable Security
Employers can now decide how much or how little security they want during the assessments while creating the assessments under "Security Options". By checking "Disable content protection" they can allow candidates to copy questions. This can be useful when researching answers to a question. By checking "Allow focus outside the exam window" employers can allow candidates to open new tabs and windows while taking an assessment so they can search and research solutions to questions.

Bulk reset and Auto re-invite
When security is enabled and users violate the rules of the assessment, it is automatically aborted. It is now the employers prerogative to reset the assessments for individual candidates so they can take it again. This is a feature that has been available for a while. RankSheet for Employers now has the option of doing a bulk reset of aborted (and/or incomplete) assessments so that candidates can take them again right away. When a reset is done, the affected candidates are automatically emailed with this information asking them to take the assessment again along with a link to the assessment.

We hope that these new features help further simplify the process of assessing and hiring candidates using our RankSheet for Employers platform.

Happy Hiring!!

RankSheet Team


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