Sunday, February 24, 2013

Alleviate bad hiring and find the right talent

A recent article in the Times of India suggests that bad hiring cost Indian firms INR 2,460 crores in 2012. Some of the reasons cited for bad hiring are wrong benchmarking, poor screening and fake resumes. The article goes on to mention that a solid governance mechanism and a foolproof selection technique among others can help reduce bad hiring. The link to this article is here,

The essence of the RankSheet for Employers platform is just this - to reduce bad hiring and make hiring effective! Here's how the RankSheet for Employers platform addresses this,

1. Candidates are provided various tools to showcase their skills using RankSheet assessments  RankSheet Solutions and RankSheet Code Challenges.
2. Candidates' RankSheet dynamic profile is thus a quantitative measure of their skills (along with their CV) and thus allows employers to match what is in their CV to their actual skills.
3. Employers can further assess and screen candidates using the above tools so they have a standardised benchmarking tool which allows for effective screening of candidates and gets rid of fake resumes.
4. Since only pre-screened and shortlisted candidates are called for the next level of interview, it addresses the following costs/problems,
  • Saves the time and money of the candidates when it comes to travelling for the screening process 
  • Since the candidates can take up the screening process at their convenience the availability of candidates during working hours to attend the screening process is non-issue.
  • The time, effort and cost involved in setting up and conducting in house screening arrangements.
5. The platform allows hiring teams to work together and provides a governance mechanism for the hiring chiefs.

The RankSheet for Employers platform removes a lot of the issues that cause bad hiring. What's more, you get all the basic features for free! Sign up and start hiring effectively.

RankSheet Team

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